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Avana 1-Month Prediabetes Home Nutrition Program

Avana 1-Month Prediabetes Home Nutrition Program

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Family Members

- 1.9% Expected average HbA1c drop in one year

- 90% chance of reducing or eliminating medications, including insulin

- 90% chance of reduced blood sugar levels within 3 months

- +3 kgs expected average weight loss within 3 months

- Dedicated registered dietitian for the entire family and constant monitoring of all members

- Clinically trained Home Chef to cook for the Diabetes patient and all other family members as per guidelines of the dietitian

All groceries for your family's dietary needs are delivered every 2 days

- No cooking, grocery shopping, or calorie counting is required

- Authentic, scientific recipes designed by doctors, clinical nutritionists, and international chefs

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